Healthcare Providers

  • Dr. Kelly McCann, Costa Mesa, 949-574-5800 :: Lyme literate (she knows Dr. Cannon – Dr. Yang has worked with Dr. Cannon for 23 years)
  • Dr. Chitra Bhakta, Costa Mesa, 949-642-3333 :: Lyme-literate (specializes in viral; can do immunoglobulin)
  • Dr. Marah Cannon, Scripps Ranch SD, Yorba Linda, 714-900-5400 (cell) :: licensed chiro and naturopath (just finishing her N.D. and should be able to prescribe around Nov 2020, but can treat naturally now; practicing with people with chronic disease for over 30 years, can do phone consults after seeing you once; $80 per half hour)
  • Dr. Nicola McFadzean Ducharme, :: natural and prescription ($500 first hour, $225 follow-up, no insurance)
  • Bastyr Clinic, Sorrento Valley, 858.246.9730 :: chiro, homoeopathy, general care, Lyme-literate: *Dr. Harding, Dr. McGill ($60 first visit, $30-40 thereafter, no insurance, many services can be done in one day)
  • Dr. Shikhman, Sorrento Valley, Institute for Specialized Medicine :: arthritis (Scripps affiliate, no medicare)
  • Trang FNP, Bend, OR, 458-256-9594 :: LLNP (no insurance)